Here are a few tips for keeping your Taj Taj jewelry looking great:

  • 14kt gold fill jewelry can be cleaned when it tarnishes with any simple jewelry cleaner. We recommend finding a non-toxic liquid on the internet and using that. Instead of letting your jewelry get overly tarnished and then trying to return it to its pristine state, we find that gold fill jewelry keeps its look better if you care for it consistently.

  • The waxed Irish linen in many of our designs is very strong and durable. It does not, however, like water. If you consistently get it wet, it will substantially shorten the life of the piece. It is best not to shower or swim with the linen jewelry on.

  • The 18kt gold rings will only tarnish over many years. Any jeweler or jewelry cleaner can be used to spruce it up when needed. Again, we recommend having them cleaned at a professional jewelers or using a non-toxic jewelry cleaner.

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